Sunday, January 23, 2005

Bubbleheads unite!

I have the flu. I started feeling my throat scratch Friday night, just in time for the weekend. Yesterday I felt worse than any time since I had pneumonia a few years ago. This morning I feel somewhat better, and I can't really get sick right now workwise, so I better be basically back to normal by tomorrow morning. I think this is the thing Chris had earlier in the week and it took him about 48 hours to start feeling improvement, so I'm hoping for the best.

Last night we finally got around to watching The Red Violin, which has been sitting on the TiVo since last June. I'd never seen it before and I've been wanting to for some time -- although I guess not desperately enough that I'd made time any time in the last, oh, seven months to boop it up on the TiVo. Samuel L. Jackson manages to kick ass even when he's a sensitive violin specialist. It's remarkable. Which is I guess why I just remarked on it. And I continue to be a serious fan of Don McKellar even in minor roles. The guy makes me want to up and move to Canada. In any case I'm glad I finally watched it -- it was first recommended to me when I went to Toronto for a conference several years ago, when the movie first had wide release in Canada. It was really well done. Better late than never.

Now I need to find more IFC movies to add to the TiVo so they can sit there for months at a time while I'm busy watching reality shows on FOX.


The verdict is in: I'm definitely not a girly girl.


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