Sunday, February 27, 2005

And tonight I'm making mussels for dinner.

Chris and I finally signed up with these folks:

Rich has been getting deliveries from them for a while now, and it's always seemed like a good idea. Great quality produce, organic, regularly delivered, seasonal and local offerings that change every week. That kind of approach to produce suits my style of cooking anyhow -- I like to keep myself stocked with staples and then take whatever's around and find a way of using it all together. We're thinking this will be a good way of getting us to try stuff we wouldn't necesarily seek out ourselves, and it's easy enough to make exemptions/substitutions on a permanent or weekly basis if we decide there's something we'd rather not have. And the price is pretty reasonable, too. Our first delivery features apples, avocado, bananas, green beans, carrots, cucumber, lacinato kale, kumquats, romaine, yellow onions, D'anjou pears, Yukon gold potatoes, minneolas, and cherry tomatoes, and it'll get here this week. Many (though not all) of these things were grown around here. I'm excited!


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