Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Dissidence in three easy steps.

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone that has gone on just slightly too long, where you're feeling like okay, that was great and all, now let me get on with my life and move on to the things I'd really rather be doing/work I'd rather be doing/people I'd rather be talking to/whatever, but your interlocutor has no idea and continues blathering along like it's some kind of favor to you? And secretly you hate that person even if you don't really hate that person, even if that person is as a rule the most interesting conversationalist you know, always reliably clever, opinionated, and/or charming, but unfortunately also reliably voluable in the extreme. And just when you think you're done and you're wrapping things up and doing the sort of verbal closure thing that people do when they're done with a conversation -- okay, talk to you soon! well, have good night! -- things will start up again with some topic calling some other topic to mind and the whole conversation is self-indulgent in the worst way, because it's not your own self that you're indulging but rather the self of this other basically likeable but ultimately kind of annoying other person.

And then you think shit, I wonder how many people are saying that about me and my conversation, and then you scamper around inasmuch as anyone can really be said to virtually scamper and check all the blogs of everyone that you know.


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