Monday, September 19, 2005

What movie were you in, again?

I have too much to write about: finished Barbara Ehrenreich's new book, Bait and Switch, and went to see her speak at Microsoft this afternoon; went to LA this weekend to hang out with Meri post-interviews; working on a new article about women in the tech industry. I'll start with LA.

For one thing, it turns out that every LA pick-up artist wants to know if you've acted, assuming you're a woman with a pulse. What movie were you in, again? Because you must have been in that movie I saw. You know, that one with the guy.

Meri and I had a great time cavorting around Santa Monica and eating lots of Mexican food. It turns out that the Border Grill is not overrated. Best carnitas of my life, and more impressively, best margaritas of my life as well. And that was just one meal! We also visited El Cholo and Don Antonio's, both of which were also well-received. Even the mediocre Italian lunch was better than mediocre, because we managed to meet up with Elsi for the meal. Elsi is looking very academic with her new haircut.

On to Barbara Ehrenreich. I know it's gotten some criticism and I think Nickel and Dimed was better, but I really enjoyed the new one, if only because I know more people affected by the phenomena she describes. I'm going to have to say more detail for the next blog post, but stay tuned.


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