Thursday, January 26, 2006

Open letter to the members of Stars.

Dear Stars,

I hereby withdraw those comments I made on this blog about your album no longer being my favorite album of 2005, and I hereby reaffirm the previous comments I made on this blog about your album being by far and away the best album of 2005. I had my head momentarily turned by the Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah album, which though very enjoyable, and most especially The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth, which is really a phenomenal track, nevertheless lacks the staying power of your most excellent Set Yourself on Fire. I am sorry for giving in to my thirst for novelty, however briefly. I promise not to exercise this kind of infidelity in the future. Will you take me back?



P.S. The Asobi Seksu is also quite good. Just saying.


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