Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sugar and spice and a tablespoon of bitterness.

Today was our third or fourth annual dessert party, depending on whether you count the year that we skipped. A delicious time was had by all, even if my particular attempt at dessert this year was a resounding unsuccess. Chris's bread pudding with lemon sauce and chantilly cream was a showstopper. (Thanks, Chris! And Paul Prudhomme.) The really noteworthy thing this year, however, is that evite seems to have an invitation template for dessert parties. We are so ahead of our time.

As several dessert party veterans know, the dessert party typically migrates into the smaller pizza and Oscar party in the evening, salt and Hollywood shmaltz being the perfect antidote to all that sugar. Unfortunately this year, this is where events took a turn for the worse. Crash winning Best Picture? Wtf? This heavy-handed piece of crap didn't even deserve wide release, let alone a nomination, let alone the freakin' Best Picture award. Yep, we sure love subtlety, we American moviegoers.


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