Thursday, November 15, 2007

With apologies to Heather.

The new Tullycraft album is a ton of fun. I just know that Heather would love it! Okay, she wouldn't, but I do.

I've also picked up some random stuff from Mosquitos and oh my god yes, the A*Teens. Because I am officially old and pretending not to be. Kind of like everyone that I have regained contact with via Facebook! See, it isn't just me. It's you guys too!

But I bet I won't be the oldest person at the Stars show tomorrow night, because jangly Canadian pop brings out all the aging hipsters. In related news, I am super-excited about this show. I've been waiting for years to see these guys play. Tomorrow at work I will be listening to the new album very loudly all day in order to prepare.

I've decided that the reason I haven't picked up the bass guitar is that I have fundamentally the wrong personality.


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