Monday, September 06, 2004

I didn't even change out of my pajamas

The Mexican feast was really good, after four hours of Chris in the kitchen. If that boy had to cook every night I think we'd never eat. And this was for what he described as "taqueria fare," too, which takes five minutes to get at Rinconsito. But it definitely was delicious. As far as I'm concerned Chris can make his taqueria fare on alternate weekends from now into forever (alternating with his sushi fare, of course).

I have to do some work today but before I do I'm waiting to hear from Chad about going on a long run. I'm trying to decide how early is too early to call. This has been a bit of a topsy-turvy weekend, but yesterday was one of those gloriously restful days when I took three naps and did some writing and played with my fantasy football league and didn't even change out of my pajamas. Call it homework for football season, which starts this Thursday. Both in fantasy research and in the habit of Sunday slothfulness. I love it.


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