Thursday, September 09, 2004

The 2004 version of the Microserfs dream

Tomorrow morning my neighbors and I are inaugurating our carpool. They're sort of living the 2004 version of the Microserfs dream: three guys in a geek apartment in Seattle rather than a geek house on the eastside. Not that I'm calling any of us geeks or anything, except for the part where they're three guys working on the same floor at Microsoft living together and I'm writing about it in a blog.

Chris's need for beauty sleep apparently interferes with his ability to start work at a normal time, so he won't be joining us tomorrow in pointing at and ridiculing all the shlubs stuck in traffic on 520 while we zoom by in the HOV lane. In fact, he might be such a shlub himself a couple hours later, pointed at and ridiculed even if he is in the Jetta.

As for me, my shlub days are over.


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