Saturday, October 30, 2004

Devil with a slutty white tank top on

It's settled: I'm going as a deviled egg. Wearing all white with a yellow circle on my tummy and devil horns and tail. It's pretty cute, except for where the only suitable white stuff I could find was at Abercrombie and Victoria's Secret and it's basically the sluttiest egg costume of all time. Chris, Ritchie, and Jeff are going as the Axis of Evil: the Ayatollah, Kim Jong Il, and Saddam Hussein. We'll see who offends the most people.

This morning Ritchie, Chad, Pankaj, and I did the Pumpkin Push 5k in Seward Park. I finished in about 24 minutes, reminding me yet again that I really need to do some speedwork. It was a nice race, though, and we did get to take pumpkins home with us. And everyone else did really well: Chad PRed, Pankaj finished his first race ever, and Ritchie finished in under 20 minutes. And I accomplished my mission of getting people to do races with me.

Bring on the drinkin.


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