Friday, October 29, 2004

Once, I was a dinosaur.

Okay people, it's getting serious. I need a Halloween costume for tomorrow night and my existing ideas are kind of lame. Let's get going with those suggestions.

I'm doing a short race tomorrow morning and then I have the afternoon to figure out what I'm gonna be. I want suggestions, starting five minutes ago.

Don't let me down.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey-so if you can con others into doing a costume with you, you can get several people dressed up in soccer uniforms, connected via a rope or stick of some sort, and go as a row of foosball players-the best part of this is everyone going to get drinks together, all bending at the same time...or you can go with chris as a freudian slip...
i of course am celebrating the holiday by missing our party by being on call-so am wearing a bright orange shirt to be somewhat in the mood, and drowning my sorrows in candy. my life gets sadder and sadder.

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why don't you go as natalie merchant?

4:17 PM  

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