Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I did wear a tiara at my last party.

So okay, I've been thinking about "girly girl." As a description.


1. I never wore pink in disproportionate quantity for the first twenty-something years of my life. Sure, I wore pink. I also wore green, blue, black, white, orange, yellow, and red. Gray. Burnt sienna. Cornflower, periwinkle, and goldenrod. In the mad, mad world of Crayola fashion, I was the macho, palette-expanding 64-color spread.
  • About a year ago I started buying pink. A lot of pink. Also black, white, and red, but mainly pink. Pale pink, salmon, dusty rose.
  • I still don't really like purple.
2. When I was seven, my dad told me I'd never really care about shopping.
  • Or boys!
  • Because I'd have math!
  • Now I like boys, and shopping, and math.
  • Sometimes in that order.
  • Sometimes not.
  • My dad was wrong.
3. I like to play sports.
  • Especially running.
  • But also other things, like field hockey and basketball and swimming.
  • And other sporty things, like hiking and dancing and Scrabble.
  • But not softball or snowy things.
3'. I like to watch sports.
  • Especially football.
  • Occasionally some other things, like basketball and soccer.
  • But really, let's be honest, mainly football.
4. When I was little, my friends were mainly girls.
  • When I was a little less little, my friends were mainly guys.
  • Now, at peace with the universe, I live in harmony with both.
Hey, Scrabble gets coverage on ESPN. Don't blame me. I don't make the rules.

So I'm thinking: I wear a lot of pink. I like wearing cute outfits. Really, I'm a sucker for the cute outfit. Maybe, at the age of 30, I'm embracing my femininity, girly-girlifying myself. But: am I really?

There's also the football, the math, and the Scrabble.
On the other hand, there's the dancing.
On the other hand, there's the weekend-long team puzzle-solving events.
On the other hand, there's the clothes swap party I'm throwing.

I think we can agree that it's a conundrum.

The things I wonder:
  • Is "girly girl" secret code for "someone who wears a lot of pink?"
  • Is "girly girl" secret code for "someone who really into hair and make-up?"
  • Is "girly girl" secret code for "someone who plays/is/plays dumb?"
  • Is "girly girl" secret code for "blonde?"
  • Is "girly girl" secret code for "someone with big boobs?"
  • Is "girly girl" secret code for "someone guys find non-threatening?"
  • Is "girly girl" secret code for "someone who doesn't use bullet points?"
  • Is "girly girl" secret code for "pretty girl?"
  • Am I a girly girl?
I'm pretty sure that the answer to the last question depends on the answers to the other questions. I'm also mostly sure that the answer to the last question is no. But lately I've been wondering whether that's true, and if it's no, why it's no.


Blogger heathalouise said...

All I know is that lately there seems to be some sort of "reclamation of girly." (This coming from someone who is becoming a completely stereotypical hipster and is learning to knit). I have no idea what "girly girl" means, but I do know it has nothing to do with big boobs, as my rack-to-girliness ratio is definitely inverted.

7:07 AM  
Blogger Kieran Snyder said...

Maybe we can prove by induction. I'm pretty sure that hipsters who knit aren't girly girls.

3:09 PM  
Blogger judy said...

To me a GG was someone who wouldn't dive for the soccer ball, only watches football cause the guys wear tight uniforms and thinks leg wrestling is something you do when you're trying to get tight jeans on. That said...the pink is definitely a good thing.

9:33 AM  

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