Sunday, January 09, 2005

I made a Brooklyn phone call.

Yesterday I ran the Bridle Trails Winter Runing Festival, which for me meant a 50K relay with five other people. So the thing about this race is that 1. it was cold (see race title) and 2. it was dark (see race title). They started things off at 3pm, which Ritchie pointed out might be to keep people like us out of the race. Either way I'm pretty sure we finished near the bottom of the relay teams. Bridle Trails Park is a pretty nice place to run in the daytime, though, so my leg, which was first, was really, really pretty. Non-trivially hilly and muddy and horse poopy, but pretty. Although we all spent our non-legs freezing and shuttling back and forth from the race start-finish (all the legs were 5.2 mile loops) and our semi-warm cars, and although one of our party might die of pneumonia as a result of the event, which death would make me feel pretty bad indeed since I more or less bludgeoned everyone into participating, and although there was an accident on 520 on the way home that delayed our return an extra 45 minutes and made me extremely grumpy, and although my car is now muddy as all hell and I need to have it detailed, it was pretty fun, and I'm glad we went. Erin came in from out of town especially to run it, and we had a good weekend otherwise too even if I was generally feeling only sort of so-so. In any case the results are up now, and by some miracle there were three relay teams slower than we were. Now I just have to figure out what my next race will be.

It turns out there was no Arrested Development this week. I am saddened.

Looks like New Orleans is on! I am going to listen to the All Girl Summer Fun Band until I depart, in tribute.


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