Saturday, January 08, 2005

Mainly in defiance of the weather

I'm going to have to add Bad Education to my list of favorite movies from 2004. It reminded me of something Shakespearean in a way -- albeit Shakespearean with better cinematography. In Spanish. Male actors playing male actors playing female roles, play-within-a-play (or movie-within-a-movie). Some other stuff. I recommend.

Damn, I missed Epiphany again this year.

So Sonic Boom was out of The Arcade Fire album when I went and looked yesterday. Instead I picked up some matt pond PA, not only for the Wiley Cerritos lyrics, the 2001 Built to Spill album, and some All-Girl Summer Fun Band, which I've been listening to obsessively with Erin since acquiring it. She pointed out that they sound a lot like Velocity Girl, which I hadn't thought of but which is true. I'm listening mainly in defiance of the weather.

I'm feeling strange tonight. No one's awake to talk to but I feel like talking. I'm exhausted by talking. I let everyone else go to bed with no objection, even the people where talking is no work. People who energize me like that don't come along very often. I'm trying to decide now what they have in common. I'm not in an All-Girl Summer Fun Band kind of mood, if you come right down to it.

But these songs are so damn catchy.


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