Thursday, January 27, 2005

Tagliatelle, rotini, oh my!

Top Five Ways to Have Pasta Based on How I'm Feeling Right Now:

the (old) Blue Onion Bistro's macaroni and cheese
Thai wide rice noodle anything, if rice noodles count, and I say they do
yakisoba, if soba noodles count, and I say they do
straight up ragu

I realized recently that I'm making pasta an average of one and a half times a week. I'm making it in approximately forty-nine times the quantity I need to feed Chris, me, and our entire building, so if I make pasta one and a half times a week that means we're eating it a lot more than one and a half times a week. Still, I'm okay with that. I'm a noodle girl.

July 2. I don't know if there's going to be any pasta, but that's when we're getting married. We found the place today. Summer! Seattle! Puget Sound! Save the date! My friend's officemate assured me that it's an auspicious date even apart from being his birthday.

Thanks for the artisan cheese tips, by the way, and for the nice things people have been posting about the site. I'd like to thank the little people. By which I mean the leprechauns. Which reminds me of a long story about Noelle and her imaginary friend Larry. Which reminds me that there's some stuff I want to pick up at the grocery store.

Spedini. Possibly gnocchi. I knew I left something out.


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wooo! go kieran go!

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