Thursday, February 03, 2005

Everybody's working for the weekend.

No one has sent me pictures of cats yet, but heathalouise promised to just today. This bodes well. Someone has to kick things off, after all.

I'm working lots of hours this week. It's good, actually -- I'm getting a lot accomplished, and for the time being I'm feeling pretty energized by it. I do better when I can get into stuff. I'm nearly ready for a real weekend, however... and I think that's a few weeks away. (Watching the Super Bowl is a full-time, serious occupation, right?) I meant to take time out of my day today and go buy new running shoes while stores were still open, but it hasn't happened. Why is it that I'd rather shop for new running shoes than for a wedding dress this weekend? Damn those bastards at Brooks for discontinuing the model of the Burn I like. And why am I fantasizing about organizing a contingent to run some short race on the morning of our wedding? (Evidence: not girly girl.)

No, seriously.

I like the dorky wedding cake suggestions, although I don't think anyone's topped mine yet.


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