Sunday, February 06, 2005

Of football and wedding dresses

I'm trying to decide whether I'd rather have the Eagles lose in a blow-out or have their hearts broken in the final seconds of an exciting and close game. It's a tough call. Go Patriots! Or rather: go non-Eagles!

I feel the way I feel at the end of every football season. How does everyone else spend their Sundays? It always takes me a month or two to remember. I've been thinking about my fantasy league for next year. I think I'm going to shell out a little cash and set up a non-yahoo league that gives us better live stats and smoother administration. I've heard good things about the ESPN leagues, so I might check those out.

In the meantime, we're going to the Super Bowl party that we cajoled Brett and Jess into having. Next I'm going to tell them that they want to buy me a car and see what happens.

I bought a wedding dress yesterday! I only spent ten times what I would have spent had I gotten the back-up option online! And I noticed last night when I was looking at the receipt that they didn't give me the discount that they were supposed to! I'm very excited nevertheless. I love the dress. Chris isn't going to see it until we actually get married -- that's one of the weird wedding rituals that I actually like -- so I won't post too many details here. But the dress is very me, and I'm really happy with it. And the process of finding something was faster and way less painful than I expected. It helped that Vilde, Simone, Katherine, and Kara came along with me. We didn't bring a digital camera because we were pretty sure they wouldn't let us take pictures, but now that I've purchased it I should go back and take a picture to show people who don't live here.

Next orders of business: photographer, cake, music, flowers...


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Um, wedding dress? Please to be emailing me a link, description, anything. Jazzedela

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