Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dear Abby, here are my issues.

Last night Simone and I went to see Grizzly Man. I love the honesty of this movie. I love the editorializing. Documentaries, and for that matter journalism in all its forms, generally purport to be objective without really being so. This one doesn't even purport to be objective. Werner Herzog narrates and is really upfront about his feelings about the material he's presenting. I figure if there's a bias, it's nice to know that more or less going in.

Imagine if people did this all the time. Here's my opinion, but of course you need to know before you make up your own mind that I'm against the death penalty / I'm new to this area / I think that nature is a vast nihilist abyss built on predator-prey relationships / I don't really like you. Instead of pretending to talk in newspaper articles people would talk in editorials. It'd be great. If when you met people and started interacting with them for real, they came with a top fifty list of their neuroses or strongly held opinions and you could swap lists and go from there. Hi, these are my preoccupations and long-held grudges. What are yours? Nice to meet you. I'm pretty sure I could write great lists for myself and hundreds of my closest friends, and chances are I'd be right at least once.

So I'd recommend the movie. Amazing what a little passion and a lot of lunacy can produce.


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