Sunday, February 12, 2006

Bouncing here and there and everywhere! High adventure that's beyond compare!

I signed up for too much stuff this weekend. By which I mean that I'm racing this morning and I'm interviewing prospective Penn students this afternoon and I'm working after that. And yesterday we had a basketball game that wasn't, since the other team for some mysterious reason never bothered to show up, so we ended up scrimmaging for an hour. It was one of those practices where everything went right, which was nice for the girls since their parents were there to watch, and which was nice for Hilary and me because the last practice was as Hilary put it like an episode of The Gong Show. And then last night was Wayne and Darlene's housewarming party and suddenly whoosh! The weekend is pretty much full.

It was nice to go out last night. As I was getting dressed I was reflecting that it's been too long since I've properly gone out with my friends. Maybe my last several months of overworked antisocial attitudes are drawing to a close. But ask again next weekend.


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