Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Mushrooms! Pepperoni! Cheese! More Cheese! Always more cheese!

I finally went out and bought the album by The Arcade Fire and I recommend it. I recommend it a lot. I also got the new Aqueduct, which turns out to be only about 70% the new Aqueduct and 30% stuff they've released before. I'm thinking that I need to put together some Seattle/Pacific Northwest sampler music care packages for some of my non-Seattle friends. I've picked up a number of good things that I'm pretty sure you're not hearing. (For that matter I'm feeling out of touch with who's playing in Philly and to some extent New York these days... so feel free to reciprocate!)

Tomorrow I'm having dinner with someone I went to middle school with and haven't seen since. We're finally pulling this together after a year or so of aimless emailing with mediocre intentions. I'm excited both to see her and to try Via Tribunali, which is where we're going for dinner. I expect to have a really good time, but even if by some strange circumstances I don't, I'm pretty sure there'll at least be good pizza. And let's face it: good pizza goes a long way.

I'm thinking of putting in some dedicated study on what makes the perfect pizza. Thin crust? Deep dish? Greasy cheese? Toppings? Toppings on top? Toppings between layers of cheese? New York? L.A.? Chicago? Neopolitan? Sicilian? I appreciate pizza across the whole range, but a craving for, say, deep dish feels like a very particular thing to me. Separate from my habitual generic pizza cravings, which are almost always for the NYC-area pizza that I grew up with. Like the difference between craving German chocolate cake and craving straight up chocolate.

Pizza aficionados, step up!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps you'd enjoy perusing my #1 favorite blog:


It does in fact feature a review of a "new york" style pizzeria in Seattle.

And, I can't recommend highly enough the unique experience of Indian Pizza on your next trip through San Francisco: zantespizza.com (go the the ordering section for pix of the za)

Best, K

1:07 PM  
Blogger heathalouise said...

I have to say that for me, excellent pizza is all about the tomato sauce. If the delicious cheese doesn't have a tangy, chunky sauce to top, it's just not worth it. I also like my crust "medium": not too thin, not too doughy.

3:19 PM  
Blogger Kieran Snyder said...

So no white pizza for you, eh?

I have a soft spot for white pizza, but it's like deep dish: it represents a very particular kind of craving. It's not my generic pizza craving.

My generic pizza craving includes medium NYC-style crust, basic sauce and cheese, and maybe -- maybe! -- mushrooms and/or pepperoni. I love vegetable pizzas too, but again, totally different thing.

3:46 PM  

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