Sunday, May 15, 2005

Alex, prize-winning comedian.

I'm up far too early for a Sunday because I'm eating breakfast for this race we're leaving for in 10 minutes. Of the dozens upon dozens of races that I've done I've somehow missed doing any in the rain; I think this is going to change this morning.

Last night we finally tried Seven Stars Pepper with Ryan, Simone, and Alex. It was so good that you have no idea how much I wanted to blog about it when I got home last night, except that right before we left Alex asked me if I had to "go right home and blog this," because that Alex is a funny guy, so I didn't. Damn, it was good though. It's going to replace Shanghai Garden as our award-winning Seattle Chinese place.

When did blog become a transitive verb? At first the only object I ever heard it take was this, but in the last several months constructions like "blogging the convention" or "blog my day" have started popping up. Me, I still favor blog about. It started me thinking about other verbs that have this transitive/about alternation, and which variant comes first.

Except that I have to go race now and say more about this later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what about the verb to write up? you can write up an experience, right? or, can't i write this up? i'm not sure if that counts. do write and up combine to form a single verb in a way that's different from how the verb blog and the corresponding about join in a phrase? it feels like it's different.

or, what if we're taking a cue from the etymological origins of blog, the verb log? can't i log data? or log a story?

it also seems like report functions in exactly the same was as transitive blog.

5:03 PM  

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