Saturday, May 14, 2005

Of cheese and morphology.

I let Ritchie twist my arm into doing this race tomorrow:

and now this day has the audacity to turn out sunny when all I wanted was to sit on my butt all day resting my legs.

Tomorrow should be a good day, though. After beating the bridge, I'm going to the cheese festival (K might be jealous) and then to see Ivy later in the evening (K's husband might be jealous).

I've been thinking this morning about morphological predictivity, and in particular whether I (well, someone) could write a program to implement certain morphological rules around noun case inflection so that the form of a noun can be correctly predicted from its syntactic context. In some ways this is a big duh; of course this should be possible, and other people are doing it. But the particulars of the problem I'm thinking about make it a little more complicated.

This is apparently what happens when I stay up too late drinking and Chris forcibly cuts off my internet access so that I have to go to bed.


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